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Bubble column Mini
Our furniture is the perfect solution for those who like the idea of a bubble wall or column, but don't have the space or opportunity to fully install it.

Our furniture doesn't need to be fixed - you just should to find a suitable place where you can put it and plug it in.

The maximum height of the bubble column is 215 centimeters. We can reduce the height for free if you need it. Indicate this in the comment to the order.

- Complete with remote control and backlighting in all colors.
- Distilled water sold separately
- Compressor: Schego (Germany)
- Adjustment: Number of Bubbles
- Aquastyle warranty: 12 months for all equipment
- Plexiglas Warranty: 30 Years Against Yellowing / Haze
- A variety of artificial fish will be offered in related products
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